Aramu muru

There is no doubt that the Andean wealth has beautiful places around Lake Titicaca, Aramumuru a huge rock where it is displayed as an input to the other dimension. In the winter solstice payment activities are made to Pachamama.


According to rural traditions, Aramumuro was an Inca priest to prevent the Spanish invaders apoderaren the solar disk gold that was in the Temple of Cori Court of the City of Cusco, he took and took him hiding away in the dark . After a long time the solar disk would be introduced to the Puerta del Sol, according to Brother Philip author of The Secret of the Andes.

Over the years Aramumuro was becoming an attractive intended to attract energy due to the minerals that exists behind the stone.

In the route to reach Aramumuro we make a stop in the town of Chucuito known as the Temple of Fertility or Inca Uyo. We continue the journey and hike being already in the area Aramumuro conducted to reach the door mystical place of meditation.




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  • Tip
  • Lunch
  • Andean Chaman

  • Raincoat
  • On sunny days short, polo
  • Blocker or sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hiking shoes
  • Water, snack.
  • And much sense of adventure.

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