Uros Taquile 1 Day

Having the experience of making the journey through the waters of the highest navigable lake in the world will transport you to an unforgettable experience, its highest point reaches 4,050 meters above sea level, its blue waters and clear invite you to dive even for a moment. If you want to swim in the lake talk with the guide guy to let you know the right place and how to do adventure. Taquile Island was one of the last Peruvian towns that capitulated against the Spanish in the sixteenth century. It was used as a prison during the Spanish colony in the twentieth century and in 1971 became the property of the people of Taquile. His magic, mysticism and knowledge can be transmitted through their clothes because they retain much reminiscent of pre-Columbian times on their quality, design and multicolored symbols, their tissues are among the finest craftsmanship were honored by being proclaimed "Masterpieces Oral and intangible heritage of Humanity "by UNESCO and we are proud to note that the spinning and weaving is done mainly by men.

Taquile island is based on collective work and the moral code of four rules, modernity in which we live and despite being very close to them largely is not yet part of the island, because they retain their traditions and customs.

Its people, traditions and the existence of pre-Inca ruins of buildings located at strategic points located along the island will provoke even stay one night in family homes to enjoy living and mysticism. During the tour of the island you will find natural viewpoints that allow you to take spectacular pictures of the island and the lake. Also found the flower Cantuta declared as the national flower of Peru. Island blessed with a favorable microclimate for agriculture thanks to the thermoregulatory effect of the lake.


Pick-up time: 6:30 hrs approx.
Tour length:
9 hours approx.
Boat capacity:
20 to 25 people
36 km from Puno
3,950 meters above sea level
End of tour:
16:00 hrs approx.

At 6:30 am we pick you up  from the hotel to take you to the port, the boat has a capacity of 25 comfortable seats. With indoor panoramic view for rain or intense sun and for those who enjoy nature at its a good option go over the boat.  Has a bathroom that is used exclusively as a urinal. Leave the island and reach approximately uros 30 min, in the island we will be received by representatives of the people, which they show their lifestyle, culture and survival. Have enough time to explore the island according to the guide's time and you can also take a ride on the famous reed boats from the island where there is another island, the walk is optional and should coordinate with the guide so that it is not left by boat, paying for this service is direct with the ferryman, after 45 min approximately stay on the island of Uros, continue the adventure to the island of Taquile which came about in 1:30 hrs, to get the town of the island we need to rise 250 steps. Where you can have lunch.Which is a typical lunch: soup, hot tea. On the way enjoy the view and natural viewpoints magic he found on the road all the shared service will be in service. According to the season the islands may have many visitors and have the impression that it is very touristy.

If you want a more personalized service and according to your requirements ask for our services in private.


The ride on reed boats at a cost of s/ 10, increased charge is an abuse must ensure the cost before making the service, often tend to overcharge in order to pay in part to guide because many agencies choose to hire guides without payment for services and they are forced to "negotiate" with the settlers of the island.

Payment for lunch is between s/ 25 - s/ 30, however you can find more expensive ask before receiving the service often is overcharged because many agencies do not remunerate their guides which are forced to commission.

Often you will find children ASKING tip please don't do that unless you return him some survenir they produce, not him candy or sweets consuming this requires an oral care is not taken on the island (by circumstances) or worse does not have medical posts 24 hrs and the city.

The islands usually have very slippery surfaces, always carefully walk.

It is not recommended for people with cardiovascular disease, it is very important to their safety and welfare to let to know us.

All plastic bottle or trash generated by you please take it back because  it means pollute and produce more work to the people who already have a difficult and hard work.


  • Bilingual tour guide (Spanish - English)
  • Comfortable boat with bathroom
  • Tickets to the islands
  • Typical lunch: soup, second or main course plus a hot tea.
  • Transfers from hotel to the port
  • Transfers from the port to the hotel


  • Reed boat ride
  • Extras and cold drinks
  • snacks
  • Transfers to hotels outside the city (Sonesta Posada del Inca, Eco Inn, Libertador, CAPC, Jose Antonio).
  • Tips

  • Raincoat
  • On sunny days short, t-shirts
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Hiking boots
  • Water, snack, fruit (can buy at the port), on the island can find shops
  • And a great sense of humor.

2-3 4-5 6 to up In group
Uros – Taquile (normal service)  $154.00 $100.00  $80.00 $30.00
Uros – Taquile (fast service)  $293.00  $150.00  $125.00  $59.00

Specified prices are per person and payment can do it in our offices when you. It is in the city.


If you. He travels only in small groups of three to four people can write to reservas@perutiticacaconnections

In case of groups contact us at ventas@perutiticacaconnections